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Only 2 days left

We’ve seen an amazing response so far, but to reach our goal of 1,000 new donors by Thursday, we need you to make a matching donation right now:



Let’s be clear. The only way we’re going to win on clean energy is to upend business as usual politics.

Enough people need to act with enough strength that our elected officials can look beyond what Big Oil and Big Coal want — so they can lead, taking us into the 21st century to a clean energy economy. Otherwise those powerful special interests will ensure that we ignore the greatest challenge of our time.

We’ve got to push past them with a movement of ordinary Americans just like you coming together to solve the climate crisis so we can revitalize our country and leave our children and grandchildren a legacy of clean American energy.

You can see the personal determination people have to seize this moment in the notes supporters like you have been sharing as they match each other’s donations. I wanted to share a few of these notes with you:

Mathew in Norristown, PA:

Thank you so much for your support. Every person that contributes is making an investment in our future. A future with clean renewable energy for our children, thank you again.

Daniella in Los Gatos, CA:

It surprises me that we are even having to battle Big Dirty Energy at this late stage in the game. Yet, fight we must. Thank you Joan for offering this matching fund opportunity.

Jeremy in Edgewood, KY:

Thanks for matching my donation Ali. I believe clean energy is the way to greater prosperity and security for this great nation of ours (and for the world).  Let’s make it happen.

Join each of these new supporters by making your first contribution today. A previous donor has pledged to match your gift, doubling your impact.

Make your first donation of $25 now. If you’d like, you can exchange a note with the donor who matched your contribution.

The powerful interests thrive when we sit on our hands. But their power wilts when we decide to act.

We can have the clean energy future America so urgently needs — but only if we’re willing to fight for it. Help inspire a movement big, broad and strong enough to win.

Thanks for everything you do,

Maggie L. Fox
President and CEO
The Alliance for Climate Protection


Agel launches new Charitable Care Organization

Agel announced the formation of the Agel Cares Foundation with its mission “to improve the lives of families by providing needed medical and nutritional assistance, and improving life-sustaining skills.”

The foundation was introduced at the 2007 AgelWorld convention in Salt Lake City in front of an estimated crowd of 3,500 people with a check presentation to the United Jewish Federation of Utah to help the organization help educate Israeli children.

“Since day one of operations, we always wanted to create a foundation that would bless the lives of individuals and families for not just a day, but a lifetime,” said Glen Jensen, CEO and founder of Agel. “Now that Agel is a debt-free company, we are excited for the opportunity we will have to positively impact the people of the world.”

Nigeria and the Philippines are two nations also benefiting from the charitable organization. The foundation purchased portable microscopes and other medical equipment that will be used to examine and perform a variety of surgeries on the eyes.

“The surgeries will not only help the people who live in the city, but will also help those who live in the villages and do not have the money or means to travel to the city for surgery,” said Max L. Pinegar, executive director of the Agel Cares Foundation.

Pinegar said the foundation is not organized to meet one type of need, but to fulfill a whole variety of life-sustaining services to people in need throughout the world.

Currently, the foundation is purchasing medical equipment in areas of the world where the need for the equipment is highest. As the company’s sales grow and donations to the foundation from team members and employees grow, the foundation will eventually donate goods and services to countries around the globe, Pinegar said.

Agel corporate is covering all operating costs associated with the foundation, allowing 100 percent of all donations received to go directly to helping the nations and people in need.

Agel also announced the company will donate one (1) cent for every foil top that is collected from its nutritional supplements.

At the 2007 convention, Agel team members were asked to bring prescription eyeglasses to donate to the foundation. The glasses were then donated to the Deseret International Foundation where they will then be distributed throughout the world.

More information will be coming soon to www.agelcares.org.

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