Breaking news in alternative therapies


Pomegranate Juice for Prostates

The tart fruit is not only trendy, but it’s quickly advancing to the forefront of new research aimed at tackling prostate cancer cells. According to a new study published by the American Chemical Society, pomegranates are rich in a special class of antioxidants called ellagitannins, which break down during metabolism into compounds known as urolithins, which seek out and destroy prostate cancer cells. Although the chemo-preventive action of pomegranates needs further study, researchers are hopeful that the fruit may play a vital role in treatment.

Vitamin C fights tumors

After years of controversy, vitamin C is back on the A-list of anti-cancer research, thanks to a new study at John Hopkins Medical Institutions. The research found that vitamin C can indeed inhibit the growth of some tumors – just not in the manner that formerly was believed. According to conventional wisdom, antioxidants such as vitamin C prevent cells from becoming cancerous by grabbing up free radicals, thus preventing damage to our DNA. The Hopkins study, however, describes the discovery of a new mechanism by which the vitamin appears to prevent cancer. Vitamin C, it was found, inhibits a protein that feeds tumors with oxygen. Without oxygen, tumors die. "By uncovering the mechanism behind antioxidants, we are now better suited to maximize their therapeutic use, "say the researchers, who will continue to put vitamin C to the test.

Flaxseed for Hot Flashes

A small preliminary study performed by the Mayo Clinic suggests that flaxseed can help quell hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms for women who are not on hormone replacement therapy. The study participants who ingested 40 grams of crushed flaxseed per day reported a 50 percent reduction in the frequency and severity of the hot flashes. They experienced improved mood and a decline in joint or muscle pain and in chills and sweating -  common symptoms associated with menopause. As an increasing number of women decline hormone therapy, which has been linked to an increased risk in breast cancer, flaxseed therapy shows great promise as a natural and effective alternative.

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