The harmful effects of Marijuana

  • Brain and Central nervous system: Impaired thinking, mood, memory and coordination. Marijuana (THC) is an extremely powerful and pleasurable intoxicant. It affects, alters, and damages brain cells controlling thinking, emotion, pleasure, coordination, mood and memory. The pituitary gland is also damaged which regulates hunger, thirst, blood pressure, sexual behavior, and release of sex hormones. Clogged synapses, brain damage, and addiction. Marijuana accumulates in the microscopic spaces between nerve cells in the brain called “synapses”. this clogging interfers by slowing and impairing transfer of critical information. Long term use causes the brain to stop production of brain chemicals necessry to “feel good”, a negative feedback condition. And, the user becomes chemically addicted to marijuana.
  • Hear: Speeds up heartbeat as much as 50%, increases blood pressure and poses great risk to those with hypertension and heart disease.
  • Endocrine system: Marijuana damages the network of glands, organs, and hormones involved in growth and development , energy levels and reproduction. Organs and glands affecter: Pituitary Gland, thyroid gland, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, adrenal glands, testis.
  • Reproductive systems (males and females): Marijuana use can decrease and degenerate sperm, sperm count, movement, and cause lowered sex drive. Females can have suppression of ovulation, disturbed menstrual cycles, and alteration of hormone levels.
  • Pregnancy & unborn babies: Regular use during pregnancy can lower birth weight and cause abnormalities similar to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, small head, irritability, poor growth and development.
  • Chromosome damage: Can destroy the number of chromosomes, resulting in cell abnormalities and impaired function.
  • Other affects on Central Nervous System: Distortions of perception, thinking, and reality; difficulty in forming concepts and thoughts; poor concentration; mental confusion; loss of motivation; wide mood swings; agression and hostility; depression, anxiety and paranoia. Eyes: Sleepy looking, blood-shot eyes with dilated pupils.
  • Throat: Irritates membranes of the esophagus; increases chance of developing cancer of larynx and esophagus.
  • Lungs:

2 responses to “The harmful effects of Marijuana

  1. Hi there Vaness. I am researching marijuana use and came across your page here and, after reading the info, decided to find out who you are. I understand you are a member of the GAIA community. Very cool. Good for you.

    On the positive side I shall commend you for being active in your own education and understanding. On the negative side, I must say that you mislead your readers by DIScluding vital aspects of the information you tout. I therefore refer you to these two websites to further your understanding of the studies on marijuana use. Mind you, I am not supporting or prohibiting the use of such drug, only offering you more concrete information with which to assist your readers to make better decisions for themselves. Some readers might have a true medical condition that would be relieved by usage of said cannibas, and therefore would benefit from a fuller dialogue on the subject. Here are the addys:

    I do hope you take the time to read these and provide your readers with a link to these sites as well. Keep up the good work and remember to hold your head up high, that is the only way you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that you are loved. Peace.
    Eric G. Hoff

  2. I am 35 years old and have been a chronic marijuana smoker for almost 15 years I am making a serious effort to stop now since I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, which is an auto-immune disorder of the thyroid. I am sure the 15 years of smoking had something to do with this. I have been told that I must take synthetic medication for the rest of my life. I have refused to do so as I believe there must be a holistic way to heal myself. Of course marijuana has no place in my getting better. I am wondering if I am already too late with there being no way to reverse the damage. I now realize that I am seriously addicted to marijuana because I am going through a bad withdrawal. I am not sure if it is physical or mental but it is real. I guess my only goal right now is to regain my health and do what I must to help my thyroid function proper once again, if it is even possible. Any insight on the subject is greatly appreciated.

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